Bath bunny

Did I tell you about our weekend in Bath? We spend a lovely couple of days here to celebrate our anniversary and Christmas too. The theatre visit was very much to our taste - a Marivaux farce - small venue and second row seats. I have to say the market did disappoint :( and we spent a very short time in the crowds. The pic of Jamie's Italian in a former 'reading room' amused me. We chose to eat at Cote actually - yummy lobster and good steaks.  I think Luci's vegetarian meals have got to me and I had to have a meat fix. I love surprises and the alpine lifestyle shop just up from the the Crescent was a good one. Tacky you might think but no it was awesome and had I not sorted out all my seasonal shopping I would have given in to temptation. The textiles are especially lovely.
I've always liked cuckoo clocks but only the antique ones like this. Do look at their website and pop into the stube if you're passing.

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  1. I love this, I definitely want to visit that Scandi shop, LOVE the christmas decs in your house, and you have made me want a this space!


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