learning curve

Hi just wanted to set down my thoughts about my newish range cooker now I have come through the challenge of Christmas menus. I decided to slow roast the turkey - 10 hours at 110C in the bottom oven of the Everhot and then a 30 minute blast in the top oven for browning. Overall we were pleased - the breast meat was juicy and certainly not pink. The legs were a little bit shrivelled though but it was a free ranger so to be expected. I always immerse the bird overnight in a briny, aromatic bath, American style which does help with 'succulence'. So far so good. 

The veg wasn't so fab because we prepared them as we have always done when they should have been chunkier, par - boiled for just a few minutes and turned half way through roasting. My huge hit with the fam - chocolate log - went badly wrong. I burnt the sponge and had to do a second one with a different recipe cos I'd used many of the key ingredients :( Oh  laugh out loud please. I am not downcast. I will do better with the rib of beef for new year's day and the sponge will be a success very very soon. 
Have a read of  alicecantcook.com for plenty of lols on this subject. I've listed it with my other I like to reads.

Here' a pic of the beast I have yet to tame. 

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