Our house is a music lover's den and we have a considerable collection of CDs - hundreds of them. They take up space, get dusty and we keep having to buy new storage racks which  always look odd somehow.
 So I have been tempted by those ads which suggest buying a box to digitalise our collection but I have resisted in favour of using the tech stuff we have.
 This weekend we finished the makeover - all the CDs have been,  no not thrown out but dusted and placed in the sideboard in our sitting room and the racks have come down and are available on freecycle. We are using our iPods instead. Patrick gave his dad a mini amp for use with a turntable so we can play vinyl and dad has got a little wire from eBay to make the amp compatible with his iPod. So everyday faves can be enjoyed instantly and the CDs are safely tucked up until someone wants to listen to a specific album. Sorted and to celebrate the first song on my Valentine's play list. February is just round the corner. 

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