Lovely stuff this is. My first bottle was a room spray with the honeyed scent of quince. It doesn't appear on the catalogue lists any more. Then I chose ' Baies' which smells of soft fruit and crushed blackcurrant leaves but my latest acquisition is a mystery because I have gifted it to my lovely daughter for her birthday. It's called 'eau de lierre' and promises to be very leafy and fresh  - lierre means ivy. I love the photo of the perfumer's work shop here - a lovely collection of artful stuff. The three horses, the beads and weird fig like object are my favourites. 

The shop I use is in Notting Hill but I've only been there once - the customer service by telephone is fabulous   - advice, samples, next day delivery. The products never disappoint and you will be delighted. 


195 Westbourne Grove
Notting Hill, London
W11 2SB
Tel: 020 7727 8673

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