fondue or raclette?

Fondue always. Authentic is better than fake n fancy though the original raclette consisted of melting the cut side of a cheese round in front of an open fire. The raclette machine was a fad in the 80's which might make a come back of course, but it was contrived for restaurants not family kitchens. I use mine probably once a year in the summer with lots of garden salads to balance the high fat cheese. But a made from scratch fondue is much nicer.  So here's the recipe:

500g Gruyere cheese grated coarsely
500g Emmenthaler cheese also grated coarsely
1 clove of garlic to rub the inside of the caquelon or heat proof dish
I small glass of white wine to which you add a heaped tablespoon of fine grade plain flour
white pepper or black if you don't have any
As always the better the quality of the ingredients the better the dish will taste but I buy my cheese and bread in the biggest supermarket in town so not Fortnum's.

Put the ingredients together and heat up slowly. It looks all wrong for ages but have faith, when the cheese melts you will have a lovely consistency. Keep stirring calmly.
Serve with cubes of crusty white bread - baguette for example and the rest of the wine.
A slug of kirsch is good but not essential and you can soak a few cubes of bread in kirsch before stirring in the pot. Too much will make you drunk and you won't enjoy the fondue.

You do need a meths burner and rack to set the pot on so the cheese is kept hot throughout the meal. The long forks are a good idea but you can use ordinary forks too.

Made for a Saturday night supper with the fam.

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