I recently posted a link on FB comparing the way we bring up children and train dogs by Michael Rosen and along with resolutions and new year plans have been thinking about our dog's happy life. Here are a few pointers (not the breed) to help us be happy courtesy of Max.
- wag your tail often especially at the start of a new day i.e. smile
- meet people you love with affection and joy i.e. engage with your friends and family enthusiastically don't ignore or take them for granted.
- follow your nose and sniff out new things i.e. explore and go for 'it'.
- keep digging for what you want i.e. don't give up
- sit quietly, listen and observe, i.e. learn from what other people do - good and bad.
Tomorrow Max will be waiting on the door mat for our return  - Luci starts her new job:) and the time will go quickly till we celebrate being together again late in the afternoon.

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