Saturday night in the kitchen

canard au vin
creamy risotto with spinach

Better. The duck legs were started off on the hotplate, browned in good oil before adding a medley of vegetables and a decent amount of red wine. Once bubbling they went into the top oven for well over an hour at 180. They came out well cooked which the leg meat needs I think. 

The risotto was a triumph. Basmati rice from the store cupboard rinsed and cooked by adding stock a bit at a time (btw I used Swiss vegetable bouillon powder). When I got bored adding stock and stirring with my wooden spoon I moved the saucepan to the simmer plate and had a rest. Obv it's important not to allow the rice to stick and burn but it doesn't mind steaming away on a lower heat for a bit. When cooked I stirred in chopped spinach which I had wilted with a little butter and a garlic clove earlier followed by 4 tablespoons of creme fraiche.  

Luci was especially complimentary in words and deeds - she had thirds. 

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