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We had a problem which we solved at no cost or effort to speak of. Max does NOT like post coming through the letter box. It freaks him out. One day last week when he was home alone he had a go at the letter flap on the inside of the door after a delivery and cut his nose which bled a bit - well quite a lot. He was OK when I got home but I knew we had to solve this one. 

We thought about one of those metal post boxes with a lock and the hunting horn logo you see in Germany and other European countries or even a fancy US one with the rounded roof and 2 compartments one for newspapers and a lockable one for mail. But we weren't sure if it was the letters dropping on the mat or just the approach of the postman that upsets our massive barker so I tried this quick fix:

An old apple box outside the door under the porch canopy with a request card. It's worked like a charm. Postie and paperboy are happy cos it's quick and easy and sometimes Max doesn't even notice they've been. We live at the end of a cul de sac so there are no passers by and have had parcels left for us on the doorstep for years; besides our post consists of bills and promotions, nothing of value. I like the look too - good all round then. 

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