I thought I'd upload a couple of photos of the back garden in high summer because whilst I will do before and after shots when the works begin, the winter doesn't really show the space sympathetically. The garden does need a make over with a specific purpose in mind i.e. reducing workload. The second picture shows me toiling away something I am no longer prepared to do. Cue my gardener who is coming to advise me on Sunday. 
To the right of these photos is an old brick wall and a very wide border planted up with shrubs and trees. Out it all comes to make way for a pergola and paving edged with Cotswold shingle The path will extend through the 'secret ' garden behind the beech hedge and then the' back back' to a new gate on the left hand side. (The gate is currently on the right which won't work with the new path.) The pergola could take a few climbing roses I guess but I'm looking forward to the seating and BBQ areas. The change of level is going to be redefined as a reverse ha ha using oak sleepers to give a terraced effect - easier mowing for David.
The large bed in the second photo will be turfed to create a neat line from the house to the back hedge.  
That's the structure anyway but there'll be a few other things to do later on in the season. I love planning garden projects and am so looking forward to Damian and his team coming to do it.

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