town mouse and country mouse

An argument that neither mouse won. I grew up in the city: Dulwich was a leafy suburb but is now a hard core inner city postcode.
Now I live in a village at the foot of Bredon Hill which is part of the north Cotswold chain. I like the space, the warm air, smaller numbers of people and their cars and a little more security. I don't miss culture - you can find that easily here - effort and cost are comparable. I don't miss the shops same applies and we all buy on line now - mostly. I don't miss downbeat and dreary either - you can't just hang out in the King's Road, you just might have to cross the river to the south.  I am so glad I didn't troop to Surrey, Kent or Sussex like so many of my peers; I broke out to the west. 
I do miss being closer to the coast though; so many seaside towns for a day trip.

can you see the harebells by the stone wall?
then there's the field scabious

volunteer rebuilding a stone wall on Broadway Hill - stone is quarried less than a mile away

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