As promised some photos of the garden. The 'before' shot is in high summer so the garden looks generally pleasant but believe me it was a mess. The transformation has easy maintenance as its driver. Hard and soft landscaping is the way to achieve this. 
Go easy on the flowers and shrubs and focus on the trees, hedges and lawn. I'm very pleased with the design  - we used what we had and made it better. One more day for the guys and then DONE. 

A 'before' shot - stepping stones, grassy bank, borders. 
a 'during' shot - this will be the woodland area (on the right)
another 'during' shot - grassy bank has gone, path dug out 
new path, gate re sited, bank is now a haha with sleepers 

a sunny place to sit
My manager aka daughter Luci said I need to add a followers list so I have but my audience is my children really so I'm not sure she's right. We'll try for a bit. 

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