Yesterday was sunny so we took a drive out to Daylesford to remind ourself of the garden style we are aiming for (in a modest way). The garden at home is coming on well  - path, pergola paving all in place but there's still clearing, levelling, and more turfing to do. I am enjoying the new path; it's like living in the Wizard of Oz following its meander to the back gate. Anyway Daylesford is a very posh farm shop near Kingham and it's great place for inspiration: I am going to make a wild rice salad with dried apricots and pistachios  and couscous with almonds and broccoli today or this week - see pic of their deli counter. They have a smart  coffee shop and in the summer there's a lovely outdoor kitchen serving grills along with the regular menu.
Back to the garden, I like the stylish look of the courtyard which is also easy maintenance. My version will have to be less formal though as I have sweeping curves and a variety of trees. I do like the box balls.
Today is Topsy and Tim's rainy day - we've cried off training with Max as it is raining very hard. Hopefully this afternoon will be better. My daughter Kate is home for a week so I imagine we'll do something fun with an animal theme.   

Cotswold parterre 

  stones in white brown mix (no grey, pink or purple bleugh) box in lead planters

lovely bread (go home and make some!)

on the left is the couscous salad and on the right the wild rice

a wire dog to keep yours company whilst you shop inside 

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