early March wild flowers

Continuing my spot the wild flower posts these are typically early spring pretties here in Worcestershire. The yellow celandine is everywhere now and the purple dead nettle you'll find in damp lush places. There are garden cultivars of both these but I like to see the the native species near the hedgerows or any verge or bit of grassy land. I don't like wild flowers in gardens much  - they're not meant to be cultivated but are part of a natural habitat and you need to look closely. Talking of gardens I think I'll post some before and after photos tomorrow. The gardeners are finishing off now and we are tidying and cleaning up. There aren't any plants to impress and this is my new style: architecture for plants not plants as architecture as Roy Strong would say. You'll see what I mean ...    

celandine on the Sheppey -  a weed some might say but the yellow is lovely and bright 

dead nettle because it doesn't sting - there's some sticky weed next to it too.  

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