lemon drizzle

I have to admit that successful cake making has taken a turn for the worse since using my Everhot. My fault and problem cos I used to bake some quite nice stuff with my fan assisted oven, even my gas oven back in the day but the Everhot is a beast still to be tamed. Still I'm not a quitter and I made a passable lemon drizzle cake last night. The top oven seems to brown the cake nicely but even tho' I left it in for an extra 10 mins it was only just done inside. Of course the lemon syrup made it wet anyway but I've gone a bit paranoid. Still Luce said it was yummy  half of it's gone already and I was pleased with the recipe from attic 24. Watchpoint is: don't overcook the syrup - it'll set and harden the cake. I only just saved mine. I am confident enough to try a swiss roll made with white chocolate this weekend  - I remember the chestnut log at Christmas :( but am still feeling positive...

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