A pretty posy of gerberas for mother's day ahhh - displayed on the old sideboard with photos of all three children. Lucky me. Apparently I have a card and another prezzie to come - cool. Spent the weekend mooching around really - a bit of dog training - Max was good - some form filling for Patrick who wants to fly around the UK taking air samples for his dissertation and needs to be 'vetted' and a lovely chat in person and on the phone to my daughters. The last photos are of a little project for warmer weather. An old sink to be repurposed as a planter but should I apply a faux stone finish or leave it as it is? The finish is a faff - primer paint with sticky tar and concrete mixed to the right shade. Alternatively I could paint it a pearly grey colour or I could chip off the enamel down to the earthenware. My challenge is to complete the project at no extra cost i.e. use what we already have. I'll mull it over in the week and hopefully have an 'after' shot to show you soon.

the old sink kindly donated 
a proper stone trough - very expensive even with the damage

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