What a delight Barcelona is! Gaudi's architecture is stunningly beautiful and such a joy to experience when you're used to straight lines, squares and rectangles; the pics tell it all. It was lovely to soak up the culture of northern Spain and I would recommend the city to anyone: lovely food, gentle manners and amazing sightseeing. We took a huge number of photos which I shall archive and use for future topics. Hope you like my first choices:
orange trees in a courtyard

part of the doors to the Familia Sagrada - the nativity scripture in bronze - you can see the opening part of the door and how thick it is. 

now inside and a view of the vaulted ceiling 

outside the nativity facade - the musicians are amazing

first glimpse of the sea from high up in the north of the city  - more Gaudi architecture

what an entrance - curves and wisteria

old city street

probably the best Gaudi house 

This one has chimney pots like you've never seen before

the central stairwell of the Casa Batllo - open to the sky and tiled in lovely blues

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  1. Beautiful Pics Jacqui, they make me want to go back to Barcelona!


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