Rain most certainly did not stop play this weekend though today I had a thought about the Romans cheering when they heard they were abandoning their settlements in Britain. Max still went training and I used a little of this soap on his paws and legs when we came home. He was soooo muddy.  This is another local company and the soaps are very luxe. The little soap company can be found in many Cotswold businesses and also in Waitrose.

Otherwise we have had a relaxing time reading magazines mostly and discussing solutions to  regular decision making:- never mind, Are we there yet ? How about, What are we going to cook today? We have come up with a plan to tie in both cook and shopper. And we're going old school with a card index system. We're not ready cos we have to get the box first and Luce and I only like the vintage inspired ones from the US. So it'll be another post. 

 Moods have definitely been lifted by pictures and letters - Rie Elise Larsen paper lampshades  - I have the green and the purply ones at the bottom of the page I photographed, and articles about what people do and and are in to. Bigger outdoor stuff even if garage based has been put on hold till next weekend. No, we still haven't cleared out the garage for Kate's things, made the pallet table or planted up my sink and pots but next weekend is a three dayer with the bank holiday so they'll be time then. 

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