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Sadly the hols are coming to a close. I've had a lovely time over the last couple of days,  making bunting, eating the first local asparagus and enjoying being en famille - there's nothing like it. Tomorrow will see a second departure as Patrick returns to Leeds and it'll be the three of us and Max once again. I really need to get down to some serious prep for school but hope to do a little bit in the garden too. 
My pics are all about spring and enjoying the the new growing year. The purple sprouting broccoli has a wonderful colour - lovely enough for an arrangement of flowers  - I saw some garlic bulbs with roses at Christmas time so I think these would look lovely with yellow tulips or narcissus. The bunting is upcycled scraps of cloth and pretty rustic. I think I need another length before May day but I'm pleased with the design - two triangles right side facing sewn together makes for good outdoor bunting fluttering in the wind.
The pallet project involves sanding, waxing and the addition of castors but should be completed very soon. We saw one in a magazine and thought we could DIY one for next to nothing.
 Max is going on his pack walk tomorrow with David while I pop into school and tidy my office. It's surprising what can be achieved in a hour when you're pressed. 

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