Tonight is mostly toil as I prep my students' coursework folders :( but Max and I had a lovely walk in the fields earlier this evening and I was glad to see the bright yellow of the rapeseed fields and decided to use extra virgin oil produced down the road in Broadway, to make a dressing for an asparagus supper.  In places I've visited across the pond there is a real pride in 'local' which I think we should encourage here. I have a souvenir number plate for Québec with 'je me souviens' a nod to a glorious past and another with 'Arizona the Grand Canyon state' so how about one in golden yellow and fresh green for this corner of the Cotswolds. Not sure what the motto could be - growing fruit and vegetables for your table maybe or salad and fruit heaven?
rain across the Malvern hills, a bit brighter here 

tall rapeseed, the path has all but disappeared

a lovely nutty flavour - not certified organic but has no additives and the crop isn't sprayed

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