... determined to have an easy weekend and I did. Kate came down from Manchester as she's finished her course and is on study leave before her final exams. 
Setting up a drinks tray is an easy idea to make you feel relaxed before you even pour. The tray incidentally came from Woolworth's in the 60s and cost pennies back then. 
Well worth the effort making your own houmous with a tin of chick peas (definitely not cooking from dried). I just used the mini chopper in two waves. I have a love hate rel with electric gadgety machines in the kitchen; recently consigned the microwave to the garage and have never replaced my Magimix food processor. We get along fine with this little thing and an electric whisk for cakes. 
Next tip is ask someone else to make you pudding - there's not much left of Luci's pecan tart. It  was very good indeed.  And finally buy some things ready made like Krispy Kreme doughnuts which everyone loves. The pic is of Spanish doughnuts which were their inspiration - Spanish cuisine - the best for deep fried delights.  So for our lovely with a sweet tooth and veggie inclinations, weekend treats made easy.

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