I came back from Manchester yesterday having spent two days working on English Literature exam scripts and hard work it was too. There was some time out though and I saw my Kate each evening and she drove me to the station late on Monday afternoon so I could get an earlier train - thanks Kit. I took a few pics on my little jaunt from one hotel to another because I like the one I stay in a lot better than the conference venue. It's by the Salford canal quite near Granada Studios as you can see. The photo of the city library reminds me of Manchester's redbrick heritage  - a time when lots of radical ideas burst on to the scene. I get to go back for a week in July and David will come with me - lots of evenings out then. I would feel quite lost without the fam  - I am a homebody after all.

too late for any sightings of Corrie cast ppl

city library 

not a single negative comment 

Gaucho - a restaurant with amazing cuts of Argentinian beef

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