The photos in this post come from one of the Gaudi houses in Barcelona and I was astonished to see how my own taste seems to chime with this 1920s apartment 600 miles away. My grey and white kitchen is pretty similar - like an update in the style of... I love the green earthenware box which will translate as the new index card box I've mentioned except that mine won't even be a vintage one now because I want to crack on and finish the project this weekend - so it's a little trip to Ryman the stationer tomorrow to get a perspex one with green dividers hopefully.
 As we live in a modern house we have a little downstairs room called the study. No one has ever studied in it. It's north facing - not good - and looks out on to the cars in the drive :( It would be lovely to make it into a boot room this year like the one in the last but one photo - sort of. We have the upright piano (which is very vintage) in there at the moment plus the dog crate and a small wooden filing cabinet. The challenge is to transform it into something cool and vintagey with some old leather suitcases and an umbrella stand. We have some old tennis racquets in frames from our schooldays lol and we could also display the girls' hockey sticks or should we go equestrian and have some horsey things? The telephone is lovely too and I have a few vintage cameras and binoculars that would look equally good. I'll pass on the rifle though. 

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  1. I LOVE that recipe tin!
    Can't wait to see your new system.


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