The system is all go. I haven't got a cute vintage tin yet but that didn't seem to be a good reason to wait for this super idea from my daughter to organise the commune we know live in. Friday evening convos have been tense as we are all too tired to think of a whole week's worth of dining. The shopping is David's chore and responsibility on Saturday mornings and it's only fair that we should have a system to make it a bit easier. So here it is. Each meal is written up not as a recipe but as a shopping list . The ingredients suggest the method after all and we all cook so know the basics and more. We've made a start and the idea will be that on Fridays we simply select the cards we want for David's list. No more forgetting the coriander for the curry or the white wine for Nigella's lamb stew. Store cupboard items will be done on line. Now breathe.  

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