I read this way back when I was doing A Level German and was introduced to the idea of a leitmotif. Funny how stuff sticks because the cornflower or Feldblume, the walnut tree and the  green gypsy caravan have remained personal favourites as you will see from the captions and my earlier post about gypsies. This story hasn't much of a plot but the characters still live in my head. The triumph of feelings and creativity over rules and formality are shown through the hero and more importantly for me his mother, Consuelo: dark and rounded, bohemian, musical, artistic ... This is living in Tonio Kröger.

Tonio on the right, the blond blue eyed Hans, his opposite, on the left

cornflowers are my favourite cut flowers, casually arranged in vases and jam jars 

the walnut tree in my garden 

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