sunny sunday

Today has been just lovely - I finished my all exam marking for a start and it was sunny and warm. We decided to bath Max which is exhausting and funny in equal measure. I gathered a number of  containers of warm water and a large towel and told the good old sun to stay out and shine. Our German Shepherd is not very keen on water (unlike some we see at our dog training group) but today he was ok and I concentrated on his underbelly and legs rather than his back as it doesn't really get dirty, which made the operation speedier. I was so impressed with his calm demeanour that I brushed his teeth too. I'm not sure it was such a lovely day for him but he's forgiven me and he looks and smells very nice. 

This evening I've been contemplating my embroidery project. I like this print which I found on the Pedlars website and think I could make an embroidery design in the style of. Now I have to decide how  to transfer the design on to linen. I'm just trying out a few ideas here before I commit to buying the silks and a hoop. 

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  1. ooh lovely, i can't wait to see this finished!


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