tea cup tiramisu

It was Father's Day today and we were all together: we cooked an 'epic tea' as Kate calls it - I'll  do the recipe for potatoes dauphinoise another time - finished off with a version of tiramisu which I started this morning. The sponge was a typical 2 eggs in weight matched with sugar, butter and self raising flour which I placed at the bottom of the cups. This needs to be soaked in strong sweet black coffee. Then for the chocolate I melted some Green & Black's and added a little butter (next time I'll use milk chocolate alone not a combo of plain and milk). Then for the cream I mixed mascarpone with eggs and sugar but I separated the yolks from the whites first. I used 4 organic eggs as they weren't going to be cooked. The decoration is just grated chocolate and a little ground coffee. Turned out well but there are always improvements for next time. 

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