As promised a few pics of the flower poms at the prom. You can find these at a good price here. We have to be very careful these days not to publish photos of students without the necessary safeguards in place so I took the photos beforehand. The second set are of Max and some of his doggy pals at our club's picnic today. The wolf dog is exactly that, a GSD/ wolf cross breed from eastern Europe. 
Btw I wrote up my first quote in the notebook I showed you. It was Luci's, who had been listening to a comedy CD on her drive with Patrick to the Hop Farm festival and quoted,  
'Well if you haven't bought anything or painted anything it's a completely wasted weekend' as a response to the news that David and I had been to JL in Bristol on Saturday.  I think I would rather have done the festival, especially as they saw Ben Kweller, Patti Smith who was awesome apparently, and Uncle Bob. Still, we had a a very productive weekend - good vibe to start the week. 

Our Max

two lovely 'rescue'  dogs

Max's nemesis

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