I am enjoying this independent magazine called uppercase at the moment. I get a bit bored with my usuals - they get pretty repetitive. A trick I do with Country Homes or Country Living is to keep a whole year's worth and go back through them month by month instead of buying them again. It feeds the magazine junkie inside me and I spend less. Not supporting the business I know and I should as my daughter writes for a regional magazine and her job depends on distribution and advertising. Still over the years I have bought thousands I guess and I want to support local and independent rather than mainstream.  
I love the arty stuff featured in this edition - see pics below - and there's material to keep me going for quite a while. The illustration entitled drawing words and writing pictures is especially good. Picture books are a fave and this one by Richard Scarry is so cute. I have a soft spot for bunnies and they are quite a motif in my little world.  

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