I'm making a start. First come the planters for late summer and autumn which I guess will be warm and sunny to make up for the dismal light we have had so far. It rains almost every day - lots :( 
The wooden crates At Petersham Nurseries look good with scented geraniums but you need lots of plants to get them looking this full. The zinc bath with the white hydrangea details here looks a better bet and I think the colour of zinc looks great in the garden. I do have two of these already though. I think my dolly tub will be getting a lollipop tree - an olive would be nice but I've 'lost' a few of these in the past so I think it'll be a holly which I can decorate at Christmas with lights and ribbons. The stones are being collected bit by bit from the fields to hide the soil and retain moisture. Like dry stone walling you have to close the right shape and colour to make it work. 
And then there's THE summer project. I've been having a practice and looking up lots and lots of examples to achieve the look I want. I 'll be using the heavier hemp and linen cloth on the right, the white linen is just a piece from an threadbare sheet I'm using to try out different stitches. The daisy stitch is out actually - I'm going for simple stem stitch and I hope to do my first bird this weekend.  

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