I spent a bit of time sorting out my house linen collection this evening -  the special stuff.  Kate's room needs a good tidy and I started with this. It'll all go in the blanket box but I like to look through it. I put the Beatrix Potter mummy bunny on top - it's a cushion cover from years back which my mummy made for one of the children's rooms, and the thé de chine fabric is a favourite from more recent times. I have this lining the back of the dresser in the dining room and I also made padded hearts for the Christmas tree from it.  The first pile is stuff that is ready to use and the second is just lengths of cloth waiting to be made into something. I have to get over this end of term tiredness though ...

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  1. I have lots of sewing projects in mind for the summer too- I need to get organised and make a plan. I will be starting on the Christmas presents!


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