Boohoo it's the end of the holidays, well almost. David is back in B'ham tomorrow and Kate is off to London for her training course. She is busy packing as I write sorting out different outfits for each of four dress codes. My head is still in relaxation mode but I will venture to school to start on my prep for the new term. I'm NOT looking forward to the post exam analysis but catching up with colleagues and students will be good. 
I'm not one for new year resolutions but I did make some in January and I'm pleased that I have stuck with them. I now have another new year and have resolved to get in shape mentally and physically. I have led a much healthier life at home over the summer and I really need to keep it up and achieve a better life balance. Tomorrow then is the start: house admin in the morning, then a good tidy up at school and swimming in the evening. As you can see I am continuing with my hands and feet obsession, am loving stripes and grey and white together. 

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