flowers and fruit

Had a quiet one this weekend. The main thing is that Max seems a bit better after his shots at the vet's. We all slept well last night. 
I painted the blanket box this afternoon but it's not quite ready for an after shot. I need to use the wax n paint combo but I wanted to wait until the grey paint was completely dry. 
I cut the hydrangea blooms before the rain came down. The fresh ones are in water by the fruit bowl and I have bunches of the deepening coloured ones (shows they are drying on the bush), hanging in most rooms. 
We have made a start on the hall and new boot room too - just moved the wooden wall rail from the hall to the new room. The hall looks bare now though. We have a new picture to hang when the wall has been repainted. 
We have all been together today apart from number one son who starts his new uni term tomorrow. He's had a few texts from us all - we like to keep in touch. I am looking forward to the week ahead - David needs a lift to catch his train to Glasgow on Tuesday and I'm planning to get some good photos in the half light.