fun shopping

It was lovely strolling in Cheltenham in the afternoon sun yesterday. One way I avoid buying what I don't need is to take photos instead - not necessarily of the object that I am tempted to make mine but of anything interesting like this shop window for a men's grooming parlour with images from the cover an album both David and Patrick like. The heart pendants are upcycled from old hand mirrors and hair brushes. I really liked the bunny fabric on the cushions in Rosa Blue too.
Tomorrow is the first day back (without students) and I shall be staying late to sort out my office. I am running a meeting too so I shall be prepping that tonight. I have mixed feelings about going back. I'm sure it'll be fine once I get there! I'm hanging on to my small achievements resolutions wise and feeling positive about my strengths. 
I am making apple and damson crumble for pudding tonight. I picked the damsons on my walk with Max. I'll put the recipe up tomorrow. The boys have driven to London today to see George so they'll be hungry. 

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