I didn't think I would ever like the brightest orangey red or vermillion in the house or garden but these rosehips from the wild roses in the hedgerows are pretty and they set off the toy soldiers on the buffet a treat. I often see what arrangement different people go for with these soldier skittles. This one is meant to be the choice for 'warm and affectionate'. A triangle though is the choice for competitive types. 
 I am also playing with the words for different pieces of furniture as in our house I would often use the French words, bureau, buffet, commode (which was quickly changed to chest of drawers); the dresser was always called just that. Bonheur du jour was a later addition to take the joke a bit further. The children struggled to find anything they were looking for and still hesitate now. It's a family thing I was reminded of when I took the photo.
The wire basket is being clad with vine stems for a winter arrangement later. I have had to leave it because we're on our way to the cinema to see Anna Karenina in a bit. The blanket box from last weekend is curing its first coat of wax now -  thank you David: progress is good and completion will come round soon enough.