My aid in the kitchen

Having said that I have largely ditched kitchen gadgets and appliances, I bought one in the summer that I really enjoy using. We had a Magimix many years ago but it died and I didn't replace it. I thought very carefully about food mixers and processors and decided that I only really liked the look of the big Kenwood or Kitchen Aid mixers and as I am not meant to be making cakes in my new calorie watching world, I would do better with an appliance that chops, shreds and blends. Plus the colour is an exact match with the Everhot so that settled it.
He sits on the work top ready and willing and I use him most days. A carrot salad when I get home from school, hazelnuts for the granola I made this evening, toppings for weekend crumbles, all in a flash. I even use the citrus press to squeeze lemons because it's easy and I can store the juice for a few days.
But the microwave will never make a come back.  

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