Summer is not quite over actually. This afternoon was lovely: sunlight on the grass, blue sky and cheerful thoughts about how much we enjoy the stretch from one equinox to the other. The nights are only just longer than the days now and it can feel quite warm in the sun. The first photo was taken on Max's afternoon walk today. The upland in the distance is Bredon Hill of A E Housman fame and a favourite for Christmas walks. I often muse on the big project for the future as I trundle round the fields: the shepherd's hut has given way to a summer house after a little basic research which revealed that the hut would be too small and cramped especially for the tall ones in the fam. The one in the pic is just an example of the kind of thing I am thinking of. But then there are a fair few other projects to be done first. Still it's nice to dream and plan, sometimes better than achieving what ever it is. I am enjoying thinking about how the inside will look too. A woman and her shed - comfort and joy.