Contrasts: It was very cold this morning. First proper frost and the evenings are chilly - hence the wood burner was lit for the first time this season. The rudbeckia though is still sunny and bright and a good plant for eking out summer. I finished off the garden basket and made some plain muffins for Kate. These are made not with butter but soured cream and have a tiny spoonful of apricot jam in the centre. She likes them for breakfast on her way to work. Next weekend she moves to Cheltenham so I have made these again, for her last week with us. And for a housewarming gift she has asked for a jar of my granola. I am very pleased she will be just a short drive away, the nearest since she left for uni eight years ago. I will post the recipe later this week. It has been altered and refined a lot from the original so I think I can truly call it my own.