I love October. These quinces smell wonderful and have a lovely downy skin. Locally grown endive lettuce has the bitterness of a winter salad and freshly picked tomatoes (always served separately) are softer. There don't seem to be many squashes in the farm shops yet but it's a while till Halloween when the Atlantic giants, turban, onion and pattypan squashes are everywhere. For a while then it's mellow yellow - I am cooking lemon linguine and a spatchcocked chicken tomorrow.
I am looking forward to the weekend. It's Pat's birthday soon and we shall be firming up his presents ie deciding what he would like. I am helping Kate and Dan buy some furniture for their new flat in Cheltenham too but generally I am just happy to fiddle with this and that - finish off the blanket box and start a new project. I want to design some Christmas cards using fancy hand lettered fonts.