I was reading a post over on apartment therapy about things that will make you happy - 10 simple things to make you happier at home.  I am very happy at home but I still like reading other people's take on this: I do make my bed every morning and am pleased with a recent resolution to keep the dining room table clear. I also keep in touch with family living away (sometimes a proper call but often a text) every day. And the cultural experience is so true, - hence our halloween plans over half term, next week. 
The gratitude tip today is aimed at Luci who made a lovely French onion soup with a tasty crouton slice, this chocolate bark with sea salt and pumpkin seeds as well as two jars of pickle, and had time to walk Max.  Amazingly, she got her magazine primed for publication today too.  Thank you Luci - you made coming home this evening joyful. 

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