Inspired by

  Emily Brontë's Wuthering Heights:

The canisters were almost out of her reach; I made a motion to aid her; she turned upon me as a miser might turn if any one attempted to assist him in counting his gold.
’I don’t want your help,’ she snapped; ‘I can get them for myself.’
’I beg your pardon!’ I hastened to reply.
’Were you asked to tea?’ she demanded, tying an apron over her neat black frock, and standing with a spoonful of the leaf poised over the pot.
’I shall be glad to have a cup,’ I answered.

I have adored this novel for many years now and the references to making and drinking tea are quite a motif. Young Cathy ... awesome. I can imagine the canisters to be either made of wood or English delft. Fast forward a hundred and fifty years and more and tea has become the everyday drink for millions of us in the UK. I love black tea too, with milk, no sugar, and I drink it morning and evening but when I am low I like a good tisane. This is verveine and anise in a special cup and strainer. The porcelain is French and the measuring spoon Dutch. The lid keeps the infusion hot.  I mix the herbs in old glass jars, some are from my garden others I buy in markets and specialist shops. I am drinking this one to ward off a cold which Kate seems to have picked up. The aniseed gives it a sweetness so no sugar or honey is needed. 

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