I've been looking at some 'home and garden' books and came across these which are very sweet and beautifully illustrated. Susan Branch's blog is a real treat for fans of country living across the pond. The photos of her house in Martha's Vineyard are sooo lovely. Cape Cod and MV are such a world away from Boston though I remember the drive taking no more than an afternoon. A friend and colleague was in New England last autumn but didn't buy many souvenirs. She's retiring soon and I thought I would get her an oval box from the museum shop at the Canterbury Shaker Village. I bought a carrier there which you may have seen on a chest of drawers many posts ago. The milk painted boxes are fab though and whilst similar ones are made here in England too I don't think it's the same. I like all the colours but am drawn to the green ones. 
As I drive home from school the leaves are turning here too. Deciduous woodland is my favourite despite my alpine roots! 

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