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Halloween tonight and the young'uns are off in fancy dress to see The Shining at the Regal. I made a seasonal supper shall we say - pumpkin and courgette soup, this saffron bread, jacket potatoes and proper baked beans. The bread is a lovely sweet milk bread from a Swiss recipe -  it's called Cuchaule and is really easy to make. The decoration has to be in a diamond  - I tried one way and will be more inventive with the egg wash next time. The bread is part of the celebration called La bénichon which was a harvest festival cum homecoming when livestock and their herdsmen would be brought back to the plains after a summer in the alpine pastures - despite the name not a religious festival at all. Made me think of Eid and the OT being part of three world faiths in harmony with the farmer's year - good ol' mother nature is at the heart of everything. 

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