time please

 For a very short while we collected clocks and three of these became part of our furniture well over twenty years ago. Once we became parents clock time became unimportant as routines and methods flew away. We no longer wind the old clocks, only the timepiece which is silent; the repro clock in the kitchen is electric, accurate and most looked at, especially in the morning. Both these show the real time. I set the Vienna regulator to a pleasing time of day. Do you remember After Eight mints? The clock face reminds me of them and that convivial time when dinner has been prepared and eaten and there's nothing to do but sit and chat. The mantel clock shows a happy time too with a whole afternoon and evening ahead to enjoy. Clocks and watches in shop catalogues often show the time as ten minutes to two because the hands look upwards which suggests positive thinking - it's not just me having another crazy moment.