I was pretty busy this weekend trying to fit everything in. Unpopular as it is to talk about (let alone set down), I did a fair bit of housework - today in particular. I don't want to leave things to get in a state so I have to spend ages over half term sorting out weeks of mess. I put on 'an aroma pot' to have nice smells wafting through the house. Easy to do from the store cupboard as you can see, just add water and simmer away. 
I also made a bit of progress on my sink garden and have finished the hanging basket with a little saxifraga from this local nursery. It's my all time favourite plant shop - unrefined, because there is no car park to speak of, or tea shop or lifestyle displays but this is a top end supplier to Chelsea where you can find the most exquisite plants. I will show you the basket when it's spread a bit.  The last pic is of an oxalis which I didn't buy in the end because it's tender and we may just get plummeting temps later on which will wipe it out. I did get a little bellis called Big Bob which has  probably been raised by Bob Brown, the owner of this specialist nursery himself. It's going in the sink garden which David has prepped for me. 
And I did some work for school so Monday should start on a positive for once.