* The biscuits are called les Bruns de Bâle.

A bit of a random post this evening but then that's how life is. I have got the cookie cutters ready for baking the first batch of yummy almond Christmas biscuits * from a Swiss recipe. I usually use a star cutter for these and am planning on Wednesday evening for this bit of early Christmas fun. Actually I have already done a little shopping in Broadway where I took these photos of lighting possibilities for the season. I do love candle light but electric string lights are good too and I confess I went for these in the end from a local DIY superstore.  Will post a pic of the front door repainted and decorated for Christmas in due course. 
We went to see George in South London today and saw the air ambulance helicopter land outside his living room window; not sure what the emergency was, maybe an incident at the station nearby :( The up draught was terrific. George was well enough but a bit down - we had a chat and laughed at random memories. 

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