I don't want to trivialise remembrance but I was genuinely saddened to hear of the death of one budgerigar named Morris or Maurice who I can no longer admire and talk to at the Fleece where we had lunch today: he passed away two weeks ago. I am not a fan of caged birds but I recognise we use animals in all kinds of ways and it's right to make their lives as comfortable and fulfilled as they can be. 
 I have been wearing poppies this week - I gave away my white pacifist's poppy to Kate and have tried in a small way to raise awareness of the bravery and sacrifice of animals in the Great War and other conflicts by wearing a purple poppy. I feel strongly that we need to remember all creatures great and small and that it is a huge arrogance to value one life above another. 
Tomorrow we are travelling to London to see a WW2 veteran, David's dad, George who served in the navy, sweeping sea beds of mines close to our shores and as far as Australia. I know we shall be talking about war times and I will be happy to listen. 

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