I was drawn to an article in a magazine about flowers at Christmas with a subtext about how scandalous it is to demand out of season flowers from far far away when we have lots to choose from here in the north, globally speaking, an idea I have embraced for many years too. Today as flooding is all around us, we went on a hedgerow walk and collected wild fennel seed heads, yarrow and all manner of twigs and cones to dry and be coated with a layer of fake but realistic snow. I think the little teasels will look lovely on our door wreath. I found a good place for wild clematis seed heads too. 

I am very pleased with David's decorating in the hall, stairs and landings. He is about half way I guess and the soft grey walls actually look like the the light we get when it snows. The woodwork will be all white which looks great with the faintly blueish shade of grey. We have taken away the stair carpet and the steps will be painted too - not great for sound proofing but a good minimalist look, a cheap option and no more carpet maintenance - yay. 

The last photo is of white biscuits to complete the look. 

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