Les "Bruns de Bâle
Je les ai faits. Here they are, the original brownies - the cookie tradition is very European and travelled to the US with immigrants from Germany and Switzerland in particular. I compared a few recipes and went for this one in the end: 
200g golden caster sugar,
250g chopped almonds with their skins
2 spoons of plain flour 
2 egg whites whisked in the processor 
a sprinkle of cinnamon and one of ground cloves
100g of dark chocolate - good stuff - melt with hot water which you can carefully pour away but leave a good tablespoon to beat the chocolate into a nice paste. Works a treat. 

All need to be combined and the dough ball refrigerated for an hour, before patting with a spatula and cutting into star shaped cookies. I have covered them with cling film as they need to dry out overnight before a 5 minute blast at 250C. 

At the weekend I'll make the macarons aux noisettes. We have these in the UK too except they are huge and flat and made with almonds not hazelnuts. I'll let you know how it goes.

I have an idea to make ebelskivers during the winter holidays next month. You can buy a pan like this on Amazon and it looks fun making these Danish pancakes with different fillings. The fam all love pancakes so it should be a winner.

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