The dream continues and David and I went to Oxfordshire to look at summer houses (actually all year round timber houses for the garden). The company we like is based in Wallingford which we know because we used to live in Crowmarsh Gifford. So it was a trip down memory lane too. 
The first three photos were taken from the bridge from Crowmarsh into Wallingford and the Thames looks as beautiful as ever. I remember the wooden stage in the centre as the place Kate's fishing line got caught by a swan and her cygnets which we managed to untangle somehow. The natural beauty of the place has not changed in fifteen years but the town has  - seemed less thriving somehow and even a bit run down:( 
Memory is a funny thing though and I had not remembered how small Wallingford is. I do remember how much I loved that time in my life when the children were little and we had such fun doing children's things.

vintage signage

The Colophon Bookshop where we played with toys and books at least once a week is now an estate agent's office

but there is now a lovely fabric shop

now a coffee shop

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