This week it was our 'alabaster' wedding anniversary and David chose a lovely white bouquet to cheer me up as it is also the end of term and I'm getting tired. I keep reminding myself of all the plusses on life's inventory and thinking back to last year when I started this new blog, I have done quite a few things on my personal resolutions list: some very small like keeping the dining room table clutter free and changing my dentist but others like losing a stone in weight and spending less on little things to save for bigger ones are more significant. I have to say that Christmas isn't such a good time to think about achievements in your personal spending but I know there is a shift in my mindset. 

My second pic is of the birch branches with Chinese lantern lights and the padded heart decs I made last year from a fabric called appropriately enough thé de chine.

As I write I can hear Patrick and Luci singing and playing guitar upstairs - truly lovely. 

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